Playing with the others downstairs, acrylic / canvas, 152cm x 152cm, 1969

Between 1 (tactile), acrylic / canvas, 122cm x 122cm, 1968

Wuthering Heights (tactile), acrylic / canvas, 152cm x 152cm, 1969

Distance From A Stained Glass Window (tactile), acrylic / canvas, 152cm x 152cm, 1968

The Scream of the Butterfly (tactile), acrylic / Household Paint / Canvas, 152cm x 152cm, 1968

Pharisee, acrylic / canvas / spraypaint, 137cm x 152cm, 1968

The invisible backwards-facing grocer, acrylic / canvas, 152cm x 152cm, 1969

Bed (tactile), acrylic / Household Paint / canvas, 152cm x 180cm, 1968

We are the tablecloth and also the table, acrylic / household paint, 152cm x 152cm, 1968

The ones that mother gives you, 1970

Valentine for Ruskin Speare (tactile), Acrylic/Mixed media/canvas, 1970

Marita please find me, Acrylic/Mixed media/canvas, 122cm x 152cm, 1970

The woman on the bed, pencil, 1970

Vague vogue, Acrylic/Canvas, 1970

Railway carriage windows, Acrylic/Canvas/photo with artist, 1970

The blind train comes in on Tuesday, Acrylic/paper lace patterns on canvas, 152cm x 152cm, 1971

The movie runs night and day, Acrylic/Canvas, 152cm x 122cm, 1971

Untitled (Brain Police), Acrylic/canvas, 152cm x 152cm, 1971

Beauty and the beast, pencil, 1971

Window box, pencil, 1971

Beautiful people, pencil, 1971

The game, pencil, 1971

Wild - wild horses, pencil, 1971

Drawing for 'Proof', pencil, 1971

To all the people you become, pencil, 1971

Proof 1972, Acrylic/Text/Canvas, 137cm x 107cm, 1972

The Centre, pencil, 1972

Susanna and the elders, pencil, 1972